Juice Cleanse Program

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Juice Cleanse Program

Designed as a cleansing meal-replacement regimen, we offer a tailored cold-pressed juice program that promotes beauty and health. Developed utilizing carefully selected material with our registered dietician, ON OFF YES NO’s original juicing recipe is a great approach to a safe and gentle cleanse.
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 Not offered as a by-mail program, we encourage members to stop by the shop once a day to receive their juice. 

Juice Cleanse
※ Picture is the example of one day’s juice portion.
※ Containers are subject to change without prior notification.
1 Day
Enjoy an easy approach.
4 tastes of juice. 1 cup approx. 250ml × 8 cups
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1. Salad Days
Seasonal Greens/ Herbs etc.
2. Bronze Neo
Carrot Flaxseed Oil etc.
3. Mars & Moon
Beetroot Seasonal Citrus etc.
4. Pink Nectar
Homemade Almond Milk Dragon Fruit etc.
6,000 JPY
2 Days
For a weekend cleanse.
9 tastes of juice. 1 cup approx. 250ml × 18 cups
※ 8 cups for Day 1 and 10 cups for Day 2.
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Day 1 portions 
5. Wheatgrass Au Lait
Homemade Almond Milk Wheatgrass etc.
6. Orange Sunshine
Carrot Seasonal Citrus etc.
7. Alkali Ginger
Seasonal Greens/ Herbs Ginger etc.
8. Artemis
Tomato Pineapple Raw Pomegranate Powder etc.
9. Heavy Metal
Black Carrot Activated Charcoal etc.
12,000 JPY
3 Days
For cleanse veterans.
14 tastes of juice. 1 cup approx. 250ml × 28 cups
※ 8 cups for Day 1 and 10 cups for Day 2 and Day 3
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Day 1 portions  Day 2 portions 
10. Green Haze
Seasonal Citrus Raw Spirulina etc.
11. Carrot Pine
Carrot Pineapple etc.
12. Cacao Au Lait
Homemade Almond Milk Raw Cacao Powder etc.
13. Greenage
Seasonal Greens/ Herbs Seasonal Citrus etc.
14. Bright Eyes
Blueberry Tomato etc.
17,000 JPY

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Pick up
Juice cleanse will be available for  pickup at our shop each day for your chosen program . Two and Three Day course cleansers will need to stop in everyday to receive their daily portions.
Meals for PRE-cleanse
The day before your cleanse, please  refrain from consuming meat and oily foods . We recommend eating only 70% of your stomach capacity.
One Day course cleansers, please refrain from eating or drinking the morning of your cleanse (water or warm water is ok). Two and Three Day course cleansers are encouraged to have only a light breakfast the morning of your cleanse (smoothies, salads, porridge, etc.) before arriving at our shop.
Enjoying Your Juice
Your juices are sequentially numbered; please follow the order as indicated and  finish each portion in 1~1.5 hours . We encourage you to  drink 1~2 liters of (warm) water throughout the day .
The final portion should be consumed at least 1~2 hours before you go to bed.
Please refrain from alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco products before, during, and after your cleanse. Some may experience  temporary sleepiness or headaches  during the cleanse program.
Meals for POST-Cleanse
Post-cleanse meals are critical. Your digestive system is very delicate after a cleanse and your body has been on hiatus, focusing solely on pushing toxins out and healing tissues. Careful and proper break of cleanse will not only prevent indigestion and gain-back of weight but also further promote the clearance of toxins, thereby maximizing the effectiveness of the juice cleanse itself.
 The day(s) after your cleanse, choose a light diet of thin, plain foods such as oatmeal or porridge . After lunch, we recommend eating only 30~70% of your stomach capacity.
Caution & Reminder
※ We recommend cleansers  choose a day of optimum health  to start their program; please be mindful of illness, menstruation, pregnancy, breast-feeding, anemia, and doctor’s recommendations, etc.
※ If cleansers experience any signs of abnormality or uncomfortability, please stop the cleanse program and consult your doctor.
※ Please  notify program staff of any allergic conditions or medication prior to your cleanse .
※ Cleansers may feel cold during the course of their program. Those concerned may choose warmer weather, taking a warm bath, drinking warm water, or light exercise during their cleanse.
※ Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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