Cold Pressed JuiceSmoothie

Cold Pressed Juice

650 JPY〜
100% fresh juice extracted through the cold-pressed method, producing refreshing drinks that showcase the true, full flavor of our vegetables and fruits. With vegetal fibers removed, our nourishing juices boost the digestive system, gently and efficiently cleansing the body.
※ Glass jars are for eat-in. For take-out is plastic cups.
Click here for more information on our Juice Cleansing Program.

Cold Pressed Juice: Deep Green

Deep Green


Seasonal Okinawan leaves and herbs

Leafy greens for the juicing veteran. Great for detox and immunity boost.

Cold Pressed Juice: Light Green

Light Green


Deep Green Apple or Pineapple

Green juice plus fruits, for a lighter blend.

Cold Pressed Juice: Bronze



Carrot Apple Ginger

Okinawa carrots native, promotes circulation.

Cold Pressed Juice: Gold



Seasonal Citrus

Citrus, refresher for adults and children alike. Skin rejuvenation, de-stress.

Cold Pressed Juice: Magenta



Beetroot Carrot Apple Ginger

Life-blood, a nutritious elixir of beets plus.

Cold Pressed Juice: Ivory



Homemade Almond Milk Raw Cacao Powder Okinawan Brown Sugar Okinawan Natural Salt

Raw almond milk, a perfectly sweet drink for age defying.

*Menu will change with seasonal produce. Please check our SNS for our latest offerings.


900 JPY〜
Fresh fruits blended with our cold-pressed juice create delicious smoothies. Nourishment and aesthetics without additives and artificial coloring, of course! Taste the whole, natural flavors of our produce undiluted by extra water, ice, or sugar.
※ Glass jars are for eat-in. For take-out is plastic cups.

Smoothie: Okinawa Sun

Okinawa Sun


Gold Banana
Apple CPJ Dragon Fruit

Fruits blend for a taste of the tropics. Topped with raw almond nibs.

Smoothie: Veggie Rainbow

Veggie Rainbow


Carrot CPJ Banana
Deep Green Kiwifruit

Green and yellow vegetables, packed with fruits of all colors, a deliciously beautiful smoothie for the palate and eyes.

Smoothie: Sweet Cloud

Sweet Cloud


Homemade Almond Milk Banana Raw Cacao Powder
Homemade Almond Milk Banana

With raw almond milk, raw cacao powder, and pink peppercorns make a heavenly sweet combination.

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